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yvn イボーン
20 November 2020 @ 08:20 pm

Christmas present from luridfreak / ii_desuka

A friend should be a master at guessing and keeping still: you must not want to see everything.
Friedrich Nietzsche
About 75% friends-locked in 2008 but possibly 90% locked in 2009 because of all the HSJ inactivity D;
And uhm, 100% locked as of March 3, 2010 unless it's downloads or some special post (Damn, I need a new FO banner but the pretty one above needs to stay too because it's from vnc!)

Yeah, so this journal has been partially friends locked since I started it. Now, I'm making this fact public. Fandom stuff usually remains unlocked unless I start talking about personal stuff halfway. I am very prone to doing that.

Here you will find mostly posts about my real life (80%) and occasional flailing. BTW, my life's pretty boring so I resort to stalking, sometimes. Oops, I sound like a creepy and deranged fangirl! But you're probably one too, am I right? /side-eyeing you if you deny it

Stuff/People I LikeCollapse )

So add me at your own discretion, I don't bite! No need for comments to be added. Just add me and I'll add you back.
However, it would be nice if you could comment with your name (or whatever you want to be called) because calling you by your username all the time is kind of weird? Comments to this post are screened.

"Fandoms are like religons, each one has its own followers. You fight over which one is more superior and you try to reel people in. All that's missing are "religious" books. Someone, write me a fandom bible now!"

Not really adding anyone I know IRL unless you're a close friend. 
yvn イボーン
20 November 2011 @ 12:06 am

"Look at me and my sexy pout!!! I'm really into provocative leopard prints too!!! I'm just like a female gravure idol!!! *chuu*!!"

LOL I'm sorry Fuma. Your arms are hot as hell but lay off the pout alright? Look at Yuto BB in my icon! Hot without the pout.

/Feel free to steal the gif btw. I'm not nitpicky about such stuff.

Love, yvonne
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yvn イボーン
13 October 2011 @ 10:38 pm
I respect this guy

BUT...Collapse )

Love, yvonne
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yvn イボーン
24 November 2010 @ 10:28 pm
Sorry, this is just too funny it had to be made into a gif!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Love, yvonne
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yvn イボーン
02 March 2010 @ 09:16 am
The 2 surprises by the 2 different groups of people (402 peeps and OG) kind of failed, LOL. I'm too smart! Hehehehe.
Well, the first one would've worked if Linh hadn't posted about it on Facebook!

Thanks for this awesome, awesome birthday everyone! Most love I've felt in a long time :D
Who needs to celebrate their birthday with their family, right? Will update the ranking list and post a proper entry on Saturday when Dramafeste is over! heart

Will be off to go celebrate with my class today! And then dramafeste later... I haven't started studying for the Mathe Lecture test yet shocku
Will reply to FB messages soon. Too many to handle!

Love, yvonne
I deserve sparkles because it was my birthday yesterday, haha.
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yvn イボーン
24 January 2010 @ 05:18 pm
If you feel you shouldn't have been cut, please leave a comment here (it's screened)!

I basically cut those who've:
1. not been updating their journals and are not on hiatus
2. never made an effort talking to me.

Love, yvonne
yvn イボーン
03 January 2010 @ 09:26 pm
Nakajima Kento can host surprisingly well! I always thought of him as the future Sakurai Sho since he seems to be a smart kid with that English exam thing and playing the piano etc. I thought he said "say JUMP" too many times though :x It got annoying after a while.

Shintaro was really cute with his お that he said during the press conference after HSJ said "We'll work hard in 2010". I didn't see him make his mistake in Kohaku so that was a surprise!

Chinen really really loves JUMP much more than he loves NYw/BIS :D He ran towards them with his arms wide open and saying "I miss you" at the countdown after Kohaku. SO cute!

I want the PV now! Yamada said Keito stood in front of him and asked "Who are you?" Damn it Yamada, why did you have to make it sound like it's the most awesome PV ever?! Also does not help that everyone else is complimenting each other on how GOOD they look in the PV :/

Yuto's such a sweetie from the fan report I'm reading! Apparently that fan went for her first JUMP concert without any uchiwas and Yuto would still interact with her! This time, she has her Yuto uchiwa and she waved it at Yuto. Yuto waved back and even followed the pace she was waving the uchiwa at. My BB's such a cutie! LOL, the fan even says that she might consider having Yuto replace Daiki as her ichiban!

I really want to know why Yuma and Shintaro were at the press conference. o.0

Love, yvonne
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yvn イボーン
27 December 2009 @ 11:44 pm
boltReceived my Christmas gift from dear paper_berries! I love her so much!heart

boltTiffany left after spending 3 days in Singapore. I went to a flea market for the first time in those 3 days. Tiffy's changed a lot in these 2 years though, she isn't as crazy as before and she even got herself a cute Canadian-born Taiwanese for a boyfriend! That would've been unimaginable 2 years ago. She doesn't get an allowance anymore (poor Tiff) and instead works at the dental clinic deleting dead people off the database. Managed to see her off at the airport which makes me very happy. I wasn't able say bye to her properly 2 years ago because of dance commitments. I will miss her loads! ;O;

boltSpent some time the past few days to catch up on reading after Tiffany left. I'm currently reading Freakonomics which is kinda interesting. I'm up till chapter2 but already the opinions expressed in the book contradict some other stuff I've read. I like contradictions.

Somehow, it ended up being long :DCollapse )

Love , yvonne
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yvn イボーン
12 December 2009 @ 07:21 pm
So Hey! Say! JUMP's gonna be on Music Station Super Live which I'm not exactly looking forward to. I really really hope they don't end up singing Mayonaka no Shadow Boy. It's stupid to sing the same song on the same show again. I would actually prefer Snow Prince Gasshoudan to sing their new song, actually. Don't know why everyone hates them besides the fact that they are young. That shouldn't be an issue though because nobody cares about the Vienna Boys' Choir. But then again, maybe they are in different leagues since Snow Prince Gasshoudan sings pop music.
Anyway, yay! HY, arashi and KAT-TUN are on the list which makes me a very happy girl!

My new disc drive still hasn't arrived yet. I'm getting so annoyed from using a computer that is not customized the way I like it. Especially the internet browser. And I will have to go re-download so much of my lost data again once I get the computer started up. I personally think it's quite silly to be downloading from my own uploads, LOL.

I'm miserable :(

Love, yvonne
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yvn イボーン
17 November 2009 @ 05:41 pm
Hello world!

Christmas is coming up in about a month's time!
I'll be sending Christmas cards out so feel free to leave your address in a comment (It's screened) or PM me.
And, uh if you have issues with the card saying "merry christmas" please do indicate that too! I'll send you one that says "happy holidays" or something.
Do not hesitate to leave a comment even if you're not living in the country where I live! It's my way of showing how much I appreciate you~

Will be on the plane to Japan in approximately 6 hours. Can't wait to get my hands on the Lindsay photobook!

Love, yvonne
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